An eye tracker is a device for measuring eye positions and eye movement. Technical details of the device are studied by electronic engineers and computer scientists who endeavour on a continuous basis to make the devices more reliable, more accurate and ensure that results are replicable.

Eye-tracking is used to enhance the usability of software and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It can be used to study shopper behaviour and to allow access to computers for those with complex physical disabilities. It can also be used fruitfully in reading research, occupational therapy, the studying of driver behaviour and other scenarios where study of eye gaze would be advantageous.

Eye-Tracking South Africa (ETSA) is an interest group of researchers as well as academic, industry, clinical and private users of eye-tracking technology. ETSA provides an opportunity for South African researchers to collaborate with international peers, bring experts to South Africa to share their expertise, and increase awareness and use of the human interaction and gaze analysis applications of eye-tracking.

ETSA focuses on the possibilities that eye-tracking offers for a variety of applications and promote it as an enabling technology to understand and empower people within their everyday surroundings.