ETSA 2014 Conference Programme

Thursday 25 September 2014
(presented by the Univeristy of the Free State)
Join this interactive workshop and have your questions answered by the team from University of the Free State, who will present a hands-on day on eye tracking with the focus on technical and academic aspects. Topics will include image processing, data capturing, fixation identification, calibration, data quality, applications, interaction and analysis of data. This is an opportunity for those interested in science behind eye tracking to gain a detailed understanding of the technology. Tea and a light lunch will be provided.
Friday 26 September 2014
08:30Introduction to Eye Tracking Basics
08:45Eye Control in Hospitals & Rehabilitation: How eye control can offer communication and assessment insight
(Lisa Ellis, Inclusive Solutions)
10:15Eye Control: A therapy tool for non-verbal patients
(Emma Emmerich, Occupational Therapist)
11:00The Possibilities and Benefits of Eye Tracking for People with Disabilities
(Karin van Niekerk and Kerstin Tonsing, Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication,
University of Pretoria)
12:15Introduction to Eye Tracking Basics
12:30Eye Tracking in Retail – Objective insight into Shopper Behaviour, Package Design, Shelf Layout, Store Layout and In-store promotion
(Ed Ellis, Inclusive Solutions)
13:15Using Eye Tracking to Gauge Reading Proficiency During Subtitle Reading
(Dr Este Hefer, North West University)
14:00Intro to UX – Tips and Considerations for Website and App Design and Usability
(Dr Marco Pretorius, Western Cape Government)
14:45Eye Tracking South Africa AGM