ETSA 2013 Conference Programme

Thursday 29 August 2013
09:00Opening address
09:30Keynote: Eye tracking in the comfort zone
(Andrew Duchowski)
11:00Shedding Light on Retail Environments
(Tracy Harwood, Martin Jones, Ashley Carreras)
11:30Visual Perception of International Traffic Signs: Influence of e-Learning and Culture on Eye Movements
(Gergely Rakoczi, Andrew Duchowski, Helena Casas-Tost, Margit Pohl)
12:00Appearance-based Gaze Tracking with Spectral Clustering and Semi-supervised Gaussian Process Regression
(Ke Liang, Youssef Chahir, Michèle Molina, Charles Tijus, François Jouen)
12:30Reading On-Screen Text with Gaze-Based Auto Scrolling
(Selina Sharmin, Oleg Špakov, Kari-Jouko Räihä)
13:45A Regression-based Method for the Prediction of the Indecisiveness Degree through Eye Movement Patterns
(Yannick Lufimpu-Luviya, Merad Djamel, Paris Sebastien, Drai-Zerbib Véronique, Baccino Thierry, Fertil Bernard)
14:15The Effect of Mapping Function on the Accuracy of a Video-Based Eye Tracker
(Pieter Blignaut, Daniël Wium)
14:45Saccade Deviation Indicators for Automated Eye Tracking Analysis
(Jhani de Bruin, KM Malan, JHP Eloff)
15:30Dealing with Head-mounted Eye-Tracking Data: Comparison of a Frame-by-Frame and a Fixation-based Analysis
(Pieter van Steenkiste, Greet Cardon, Matthieu Lenoir)
15:50Circular Heat Map Transition Diagram
(Tanja Blascheck, Michael Raschke, Thomas Ertl)
16:10The Effect of Visual Scanning Exercises Integrated into Physiotherapy in Patients with Unilateral Spatial Neglect Post-Stroke: A Matched-pair Randomized Control Trial
(Andoret van Wyk, Carina Eksteen)
18:00Informal evening function
Friday 30 August 2013
08:00ETSA meeting for South African delegates
08:30Keynote: Gaze control: How far can we take it?
(Mick Donegan)
09:30Workshop: Eye Gaze Technology as an Assessment Tool: Why it is Useful with Language-impaired Individuals and how to Conduct a Successful Assessment
(Lisa Ellis)
11:00Workshop: I can: The Eye Tracker Transformation
(Sonja Higham and Chris Higham)
12:00Workshop: Person with Rett Syndrome using Gaze Controlled Technology for Communication and Leisure
(Eva Holmqvist)
12:30Workshop: User Experience and Eye Tracking at the Western Cape Government
(Marco Pretorius)
19:00Evening function
Saturday 31 August 2013
08:10Measuring the Impact of Subtitles on Cognitive Load: Eye Tracking and Dynamic Audio-Visual Texts
(Jan-Louis Kruger, Esté Hefer, Gordon Matthew)
08:30A New Interaction Technique Involving Eye Gaze Tracker and Scanning System
(Pradipta Biswas, Pat Langdon)
08:50EyeSketch: A Drawing Application for Gaze Control
(Henna Heikkilä)
09:10Real-Time 3D Gaze Analysis in Mobile Applications
(Jan-Hendrik Hammer, Michael Maurus, Jürgen Beyerer)
09:30Workshop: What's Inside the Black Box: An Introductory Tutorial about the Inner Workings of an Eye Tracker
(Pieter Blignaut, Tanya Beelders, Jean-Pierre du Plessis, Daniël Wium and Ronnie Brown)
10:50Workshop: Gaze Interaction Technology and Implementation – From Assistive Technology to Healthcare, Rehabilitation, Education and Beyond
(Kaveh Vefagh)
11:50Workshop: Eye Tracking and EEG: Combining SMI and Emotiv Equipment
(Gordon Matthew and Sonje du Toit)