About Us

Eye-Tracking South Africa (ETSA) is an interest group of researchers as well as academic, industry, clinical and private users of eye-tracking technology. ETSA will provide an opportunity for South African researchers to collaborate with international peers, bring experts to South Africa to share their expertise, and increase awareness and use of the human interaction and gaze analysis applications of eye-tracking.

ETSA wishes to focus on the possibilities that eye-tracking offers for a variety of applications and promote it as an enabling technology to understand and empower people within their everyday surroundings.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned, ETSA will organise events such as the following:

  • Regular seminars where local researchers and industry stakeholders can meet and share experiences. These might also include workshops or training sessions.
  • The ETSA conference is our flagship project and will be held biennially at a venue that will be attractive for international visitors. This conference will be based on three pillars:
    • High quality academic presentations which will be peer reviewed by an international panel of experts and published in a peer reviewed proceedings.
    • Practitioners such as occupational and physiotherapists, ophthalmologists and optometrists, radiologists and radiographers, cognitive psychologists, linguists, usability specialists, graphical designers, market researchers and people with disabilities can present case studies on their use of eye-tracking.
    • Exhibitions by manufacturers of eye-tracking equipment and industrial users thereof will allow industry to get exposure and provide the opportunity to showcase their products and services. They will also be allowed the opportunity to present training sessions or workshops.